Tournament Rules


The teams taking part in the competition shall be divided into groups of at least four teams each. The associations shall arrange for their representative teams to arrive at the venue no later than the evening before the date the match is due to be played. Each team taking part in the CAVA Cup shall arrive in the host city at least 3 (three) days before their first match. Practice and training for the tournament will be held on the Universities or Colleges in that city where the tournament will be held.
  On the day the match and weather permitting, the visiting team is entitled to have one training session of 45 (forty-five) minutes on the pitch where the match is due to take place prior to their arrival in the host city, the exact time and duration of the training session shall be mutually agreed, and then confirmed in writing by the host association. In the event of severe adverse weather conditions, the CAVA Cup match commissioner may cancel the training session. In this case, the visiting team shall be allowed to inspect the pitch wearing training shoes. Should both teams wish to train at the same time, the visiting team shall be given priority.
   Each team will play three (3) games and which would allow the proper preseason schedule for each club. From each bracket the winner will advance to play in the champion round. The tournament will use all FIFA Rules for the games. In all group tournaments, three points are awarded for a win, one for a draw, and none for a loss. CAVA Soccer would use the FIFA order of the tie-breakers for teams that finish level on point rules: